Grow Organically

We continually leverage our operational expertise to identify expansion projects that maximize our production capabilities at our ethanol and vinegar plants, and cattle feedlot operations. Owning grain storage at or near our ethanol plants allows us to develop relationships with local producers and originate corn more effectively at a lower average cost. We also seek organic growth projects in adjacent businesses and downstream distribution services that take advantage of our existing assets’ locations.

Acquire Strategic Assets

We maintain a disciplined evaluation process in pursuit of strategic assets, taking into consideration rigorous design, engineering, financial and geographic criteria, to ensure the assets will generate favorable returns. We seek acquisitions that leverage our core competencies in adjacent markets, products and services with attractive margins or more predictable revenue streams.

Conduct Safe, Reliable, Efficient Operations and Improve Operational Efficiency

We are committed to maintaining safe, reliable and environmentally compliant operations and employ an extensive production control system at each ethanol plant to continuously monitor performance. We use the performance data to develop strategies that can be applied across our platform. In addition, we research operational processes that may enhance our efficiency by increasing yields, lowering processing cost per gallon and growing production volumes.